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Rovie + Jesse’s Wedding

Even after a week from giving birth to my daughter, Zoe..I was still able to do makeup for my cousin Rovie’s wedding. Here are a few shots from photographer: Nima Salimi


Munsayac-Lopez Wedding in 2009

Catherine is my oldest friend (oldest meaning, we’ve known each other since the 3rd grade).  This girl and I have been through it ALL, and I love her to pieces!! This was back in 2009. Cat and Ed also have such a charming, and handsome son, Nolen! 😉

Song-Kim Wedding

Tina was one of my favorite brides, but not because she’s one of my good friends, but because on this day, she touched my heart in so many ways– Love you, Tina! (photo credit:

2nd Photo: Bridesmaids with Tina — all makeup by ME! 😉