“Into the Woods” | Helen Hosain

So, I’ve always told folks that my dad was such an adventurer back then, and he took us to many places of nature. Muir Woods, being one of those. I was able to re-live my childhood adventures with my dad during this photoshoot with Helen Hosain. I was telling Helen and her assistant/partner Charmaine, that I can now compare my photo from childhood in the tree, and the one I took while on this shoot (thanks, Charmaine!).  This was so much fun: trekking through the trails (and off-trail) and even going down a steep “mini cliff” to get to a creek for some good shots. Even though I didn’t wear the proper “hiking” attire [chuck taylors, skinny jeans], it didn’t matter – I loved being out there, and oh man..I had the chance to try their cafe’s grilled cheese & tomato soup (probably one of the highlights of that day..mmm!).

Here’s a sneak peek of Helen’s “Into the Woods” concept with model Frances Tomei. I love everything about it. Thanks again Helen! I hope to work with you soon — anyway I did leave my jacket, which means I should be seeing you sooner rather than later 😉




Formerly Hurley Sashimi, Dianne Que  has launched her new website/blog/shop DI&Q. I’m a huge fan of her “chunky knits”– thank you, Dianne for letting me be a part of the process! models: krisha g. & lorelei b. | photo: wilfred galila & dianne que.



Finally got some pics from the Engagement Shoot I did in April with Carlo and Aileen. Such a pleasure working with them. Carlo and Aileen both work at the Hayward Executive Airport, and that’s why one of their locations were at that airport. We started at Golden Gate Bridge/Crissy Field, and then they went off to the airport and rode in their 6-passenger plane off to Monterey Bay. Carlo was the pilot and Aileen was Co-Pilot. Wish I could fly to wherever I wanted just like that! Sure beats being on the road for several hours.


Jason + Monica – Engagement Shoot <– click here for video

I LOVE WEDDINGS and ENGAGEMENT SHOOTS! I am very fortunate to have gotten in touch with Cat, from high school, who had a room mate who recently got engaged (well that was a mouthful!).  It was very sweet of her to surprise Monica with a makeover for her engagement photo shoot (with soon to be hubby Jason). Monica is a sweet, funny, beautiful woman! The whole time I was doing her makeup, I swear we were laughing LOUD half the time (along with Cat, of course!). I am so glad I got to meet her and make her feel like a queen that she is that day.  They wandered through AT&T Park (Home of the World Series Champs-The SF Giants), Crissi Field and the Marina.  The sun surely showed up that day, and I’m happy that it did!! I’m very glad to have been a part of one of this lovely couple’s most important moments of their lives!! THANK YOU CAT for referring me, thank you Jordan Park for sharing the video, and most of all…THANK YOU to Jason and Monica for nothing but laughs and good vibes! I had so much fun! CONGRATULATIONS to you both!

Chloe Shoot – Golden Gate Park

Photo Credit: | kris karras


Christina Shoot – Golden Gate Park SF

Another set with Kris Karras! Went around the AIDS Memorial Grove, Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. When are we gonna see some sun in SF again?

On Location at Golden Gate Park! This was fun and Christina must have felt like a STAR!

RainyDay Shoot with Alaina

This was back in October 2010..I couldn’t tell you how much fun this actually was — most folks HATE the rain, but Kris and I found that it’s actually not bad for an outdoor photoshoot! Found an empty, grimey-but-cool-looking parking garage that did Kris Karras’ photo skills, and (humbly) my makeup skills justice!! ENJOY!

My First Photoshoot in 2009 |

Photo Credit: | Kris Karras

I wanted to share a few photos from my first photoshoot with the amazing Kris Karras which was back in August of 2009.  Chloe and Natalie were very easy to work with, and was tons of fun.  We went to a high school which had a few good spots, and SF Baker Beach.  After this day, I’ve fallen in love with photoshoots. Thank you, Kris Karras, and the models Natalie and Chloe!! 😉