IMATS 2011

Who wants to come with? So, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. I’ve bought my ticket, and I’m ready to go! A LOT of makeup artists, brands, classes, samples, etc to look forward to!!! If you’d like to come with, or just meet up e-mail me!!!


Magat-Velasco Wedding

Maid of Honor, Cressy; Bride, Arleen; and Bridesmaid, Caroline.  This wedding was one I was actually invited to. I loved this wedding because it was such an intimate setting with her family, and close friends. It’s always been how I wanted my wedding to be like–she knew everyone who was there and was able to spend a little time with all! I was glad to be a part of her special day!

Song-Kim Wedding

Tina was one of my favorite brides, but not because she’s one of my good friends, but because on this day, she touched my heart in so many ways– Love you, Tina! (photo credit:

2nd Photo: Bridesmaids with Tina — all makeup by ME! 😉

RainyDay Shoot with Alaina

This was back in October 2010..I couldn’t tell you how much fun this actually was — most folks HATE the rain, but Kris and I found that it’s actually not bad for an outdoor photoshoot! Found an empty, grimey-but-cool-looking parking garage that did Kris Karras’ photo skills, and (humbly) my makeup skills justice!! ENJOY!

My First Photoshoot in 2009 |

Photo Credit: | Kris Karras

I wanted to share a few photos from my first photoshoot with the amazing Kris Karras which was back in August of 2009.  Chloe and Natalie were very easy to work with, and was tons of fun.  We went to a high school which had a few good spots, and SF Baker Beach.  After this day, I’ve fallen in love with photoshoots. Thank you, Kris Karras, and the models Natalie and Chloe!! 😉