So, I’ve always told folks that my dad was such an adventurer back then, and he took us to many places of nature. Muir Woods, being one of those. I was able to re-live my childhood adventures with my dad during this photoshoot with Helen Hosain. I was telling Helen and her assistant/partner Charmaine, that I can now compare my photo from childhood in the tree, and the one I took while on this shoot (thanks, Charmaine!).  This was so much fun: trekking through the trails (and off-trail) and even going down a steep “mini cliff” to get to a creek for some good shots. Even though I didn’t wear the proper “hiking” attire [chuck taylors, skinny jeans], it didn’t matter – I loved being out there, and oh man..I had the chance to try their cafe’s grilled cheese & tomato soup (probably one of the highlights of that day..mmm!).

Here’s a sneak peek of Helen’s “Into the Woods” concept with model Frances Tomei. I love everything about it. Thanks again Helen! I hope to work with you soon — anyway I did leave my jacket, which means I should be seeing you sooner rather than later 😉