“Into the Woods” | Helen Hosain

So, I’ve always told folks that my dad was such an adventurer back then, and he took us to many places of nature. Muir Woods, being one of those. I was able to re-live my childhood adventures with my dad during this photoshoot with Helen Hosain. I was telling Helen and her assistant/partner Charmaine, that I can now compare my photo from childhood in the tree, and the one I took while on this shoot (thanks, Charmaine!).  This was so much fun: trekking through the trails (and off-trail) and even going down a steep “mini cliff” to get to a creek for some good shots. Even though I didn’t wear the proper “hiking” attire [chuck taylors, skinny jeans], it didn’t matter – I loved being out there, and oh man..I had the chance to try their cafe’s grilled cheese & tomato soup (probably one of the highlights of that day..mmm!).

Here’s a sneak peek of Helen’s “Into the Woods” concept with model Frances Tomei. I love everything about it. Thanks again Helen! I hope to work with you soon — anyway I did leave my jacket, which means I should be seeing you sooner rather than later 😉