aboutit all started when my friends, gee & may, hosted a makeup party for my 22nd birthday(?)
i asked them all about the makeup biz & decided to start my own (in 2006). of course i didn’t just jump into it, i made sure i got some training. gee graciously offered her time and patience to train me, and thanks to her, I learned the basics. i would go to her wedding makeup gigs and learned the importance of face prep (cleansing,moisturizing, oil controlling, priming, etc), sanitation, what needs to be in my makeup kit, etc. &  i just want to say “thank you!” again, if you are reading this! you are my makeup hero 🙂

from then on…i just took gig after gig after gig to keep gaining more experience on different skin types and tones. i have to say my favorite is doing wedding/bridal makeup, but i hope to specialize in sfx makeup as well. makeup is magic. and i love seeing the sparkles in my clients’ eyes when they see how makeup can enhance their beauty, without overdoing it.
have any questions? email me: micah@makeupbymicah.com